About Appear

Appear TV, based in Oslo, Norway, is dedicated to designing and producing world class equipment for the delivery of professional video services. At the center of the company’s product range are Appear TV head-end solutions, designed following a modular ‘head-end?philosophy, which provides flexibility and high density combined with reliability. Appear TV head-ends are deployed globally at cable, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), broadband/ADSL, satellite and terrestrial operators as well as by corporates, government agencies and NGO’s

Appear Head-end

Built around a modular platform hosting a wide selection of modules, Appear TV’s SC2000/SC2100 can be configured as a turn-key head-end or as a standalone solution designated for intensive service processing applications. The SC2000/SC2100’s integrated architecture offers superior reliability, while its single web-based management interface simplifies deployment and reduces maintenance routines. A user friendly GUI offers intuitive selection of services, and comprehensive management facilities featuring automatic and manual configuration possibilities

Resilience is built into the Appear TV architecture. SC2000 modules are hotswappable, including power supplies and fans, and along with Pro MPEG FEC, Appear TV’s redundancy solution offers full or partial redundancy for a variety of failure scenarios.

Set Top Box (STB) or Decoder

The distribuotrs of Appear in South Africa have worked very closely with Multichoice to ensure the head-end can opearte using Multichoice's IP decoder, ensuring standard look and feel and a more cost effective STB.


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