About Exterity

Exterity is the market leading enterprise IPTV specialist with products and systems deployed globally by some of the most recognized brands in the world. Exterity solutions enable organizations to distribute broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralized management, configuration and control, Exterity systems support large volumes of channels and end user devices without compromising system performance, availability or degrading picture quality.

Exterity Head-end

As with most providers, the head-end is a modular platform with options for various TV gateways, encoders and transcoders

Exterity has a more flexible offering of media inputs and is therefore suited to organisations not just looking for Multichoice DSTV, but also channels such as digital signage and internal corporate video channels.

AvediaServer - Management System

With centralized management, configuration and control, Exterity AvediaServer conducts content from many sources across scalable volumes of networked end point devices, without compromising IPTV system performance or availability.

Housing an expanding suite of applications to launch, deliver and maintain Exterity IPTV systems, AvediaServer is the premier platform for controlling what video and communication content is available, where it can be seen and by whom. The unique structure of AvediaServer, combining a choice of platform and software options, creates the most adaptable AvediaServer yet. Varying options of hardware and software means there is a suitable AvediaServer for all sizes of IPTV installations, ranging from smaller schools and hotels to large multinational corporate environments.

Set Top Box (STB) or Receiver

Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers are compact HD ready set-top boxes automatically provisioned to connect any screen to an existing IP network, enabling the receipt of live or recorded content. With centralized administrator control from the multi-service AvediaServer, AvediaStream Receivers are easy to install with intuitive and customizable user interfaces.


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