• Navori : Cost effective Android based digital signage player.

  • Navori : Incredibly simple to use.

  • Navori : Android or Windows based - you choose.

  • Navori and Ezitech : A strong partnership in Africa.


About Navori

Navori is one of the world's leading digital signage providers with over 15 years of experience. Based in Switzerland, Navori is supported and distributed in South Africa by Ezitech ........



Navori comprises a core server licence and a media player licence. The server can be configured as premise based or as a SAAS server. Access to the server is via web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) and is hence independant of the opertaing system (Mac, Win).

The media player licences are modular and you only purchase the licences you need.

For a brief overview of the Navori solution watch the following video clip ....


Windows or Android Based Media Players

In April last year Navori launched the Android based media player. This has reduced the cost of media player hardware by as much as 80% - a significant saving in capex costs. Navori can now run on an Android 4.1 device such as the Galaxy tablet.

In addition, Navori has launched the QLStix 2400 - an Android based media player with the core Navori player software pre-loaded and ready to go. The QLStix 2400 is USB powered directly from the display and hence there is no cabling or power required. Watch the following video clip to see how easy it is to install the QLStix 2400 .......


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