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There are many components to an audio-visual and/or digital signage solution. You may have some of the requirements in-house or through a preferred provider. Simply choose the components that you would need from Ezitech ........

Digital Signage (Content Distribution and Management)

Key to any successful digital media communications solution is the distribution platform. Ezitech has preferred digital signage products that we use, but we can also provide a service on an existing or alternate digital signage system. Ezitech works primarily with the Navori digital signage product (click here here more detail on the Navori product)


Cloud Based Digital Signage Services

Ezitech provides an opex based, cloud based (software as a service - SaaS) digital signage offering, using the industry leading Navori digital signage solution. This model is very attractive to SME's as the startup costs are very low, as well as the fact that there is no need to skill up internally to support the product - it is all catered for in the offering.


Video Displays

Ezitech has experience working with various display solutions, including various video walls (first rear projection LED video wall in Africa), projection systems (36k outdoor projector solution) and outdoor LED boards.


IPTV Solutions

The key is to work with products and solutions that have been approved by service providers such as Multichoice.Ezitech uses the Appear product set which has been approved and integrated in to Multichoices DSTV bouquets


Telephony and Unified Communications

Telephony and video communications have merged in to one common platform, wrapped in technology that allows for seamless unified communications. Ezitech has the skills and experience in the Avaya mid market product sets which have proved to be a very popular and cost effective offering


Hospitality Solutions

Modern hospitality solutions cover the aspects of using a single network to provide a large bouquet of services to the guest, including TV, video on demand, internet access and the ability to bring their own device to use in the room


Audio-Visual Integration and Solutions

From shop front areas, auditoriums, pubs and clubs,to corporate boardrooms - there is often a requirement to integrate and/or automate display solutions with audio and/or room control. Ezitech can provide the right solution for the budget available.


Content Definition

'Content is King' - a well used phrase in the digital signage industry. The window of opportunity to get your message across to a customer or employee is usually very small, so it is important to have the right content. With over 8 years of experience, Ezitech can facilitate workshops and content strategy sessions to ensure correct and accurate messaging.


Content Creation

Once your content is defined it is important that the quality is not compromised. Ezitech is able to offer various content creation services form graphic design to HTML5 and flash components.


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